LilyCare Treatment

LilyCare Treatment - Women's Sexual Dysfunction Treatment

LilyCare improves quality of life for women around the world by treating the most intimate women’s health issues, including pain or discomfort during intercourse. It’s a revolutionary, fast-acting, non-invasive treatment of common female sexual dysfunctions and urological disorders. LilyCare takes only a few minutes and allows female patients to resume day-to-day activities immediately. Each treatment session is about 20 minutes in length, and after just 6 sessions, a woman’s natural pleasure is restored! LilyCare releases the body’s natural mechanisms to create new blood vessels, increasing blood flow to the areas critical for female pleasure.

LilyCare Treatment

Multi-Wave Shockwave Technology

Multi-Wave is the most effective shockwave on the global medical device market. Multi-Wave is engineered to treat the broadest and deepest therapeutic area, resulting optimal healing. The LilyCare medical treatment is simple to perform and requires virtually no extra training, set-up or installation.

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