Movable ECP Therapy System | EECP Machines

The PSK-ECP/TM ECP Therapy System boasts a versatile and mobile design, making it effortlessly transportable to patient locations, whether they're on a treatment table, hospital bed, or a reclining chair. This adaptability extends to its seamless integration into various medical facilities, clinics, and hospitals, allowing for easy movement between rooms and multiple locations. This advanced system incorporates state-of-the-art technology, featuring the latest computer, modern control techniques, and a cutting-edge software control system. The emphasis on ergonomic design ensures optimal patient comfort throughout their treatment. Moreover, the system incorporates advanced safety features, including automatic recognition of the R wave of ECG, which triggers the machine to halt operation upon detecting poor ECG signals. For added safety, an emergency stop button is readily accessible, enhancing its overall safety classification. Additionally, automatic treatment cessation is in place if the patient's heart rate deviates from the prescribed range. For patients with specific needs, such as those recovering from piles, hip joint surgery, back pain, or vertebral column injuries, the system offers a 2-step inflation option. The P-ECP/TM TM model, with its mobility, can be effortlessly wheeled to the patient's bedside, treatment area, or reclining chair, and, like its counterpart, is adaptable to various locations within medical facilities, clinics, or hospitals.