Limbs Linkage Rehabilitation Device with Functional Electrical Stimulation Function | Limbs Linkage Rehabilitation Device

Product Principle: Through the patient’s active force or motor drive,the patient’s limbs are driven to perform elliptical exercise training at the same time.It has the function that the healthy limb drives the affected limbs,and one limb drives the three limbs so as to carry out comprehensive exercise training for the entire upper and lower limbs. Scope of application: Active and passive rehabilitation training for the limbs of patients with limb dysfunction. Product Description: 1.It is suitable for the patients with muscle strength of grade 0~5, and the device intelligently switches the training mode according to the degree of muscle strength of the patient. 2.FES functional electrical stimulation:the programmed electrical stimulation function automatically adjusts the electrical stimulation parameters according to the muscle contraction during the movement of the limbs to achieve the perfect match with the muscle contraction and maximize the therapeutic effect. 3.Five protection function: Spasticity protection Blood oxygen monitoring function Pulse monitoring function Manual emergency stop function Electrode falling off alarm 4.Situational Interaction:In the training process,the locomotive game interface are available to display the left and right balance state in real time to improve the attention of patients. 5.Three treatment modes:FES functional electrical stimulation+passive mode+active mode,each mode seamless switch,improve treatment efficiency. 6.Tablet PC interface:Real-time display of various training data,including speed,distance,resistance,power,blood oxygen,pulse,time,etc.Can store patient data,export user data. For more details please email us at