Hospital hand care machine hand rehabilitation glove for patients whose hands can't grip | Hand Rehabilitation Machine

The device is the function-improving equipment to the paralyzed fingers/wrist-joint by using air-pressure method.can improve the function by exercising with this device. Technical specification: 1. 7 inch LCD touch screen,easy to operate 2. Adjustable working pressure and inflate and deflate time: 1) Adjustable working pressure range from 0~400mmHG;Adjust Step:10mmHG 2) Countiously inflating time range from 5~60seconds and Full available;step:2 second 3) Countiously deflating time range from 2~60 seconds,Step:2 second. 3. Treatment time setting range from 0~99minutes 4. Power supply:AC 220V,50/60Hz 5. Power:50W 6. Size:46cm(L)x38cm(W)x25cm(H) One unit OM-D1 including 1pcs machine 1pcs power cable 2pcs tube 2pcs glove(1pcs left hand glove and 1pcs right hand glove) 1pcs user manual Specification: 1. 7 inch LCD touch screen,easy to operate. 2. Adjustable working pressure and duration of inflation and deflation. 3. One machine equipped with two gloves,available for two patients using at the same time. 4. High-end unique glove design,comfortable and easy to wear. 5. Unique patented software technology design,technology-leading factory 6. One machine equipped with two gloves,available for two patients using at the same time. 7. With Emergency button,patients can press the button to stop treatment when an emergency. Product Principle and function: Through a specific air pressure,fingers and wrists will be driven to do draft training in the range of physiological activities,which can effectively reduce the muscle spasm of fingers and wrists.Provide effective functional training for hand rehabilitation. Application: Suitable for hand dysfunction caused by central and peripheral nerve injury,central diseases,stroke,high paraplegia,brain trauma.Also can be used for hand post-surgery funtional rehabilitation training. Applicable departments: Rehabilitation department,Neurology department,Neurosurgery department,hand surgery department.ICU,etc. Contraindication: Fragility fracture patients Hand injury not healed. For more details please email us at