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Brushless Permanent magnet motors have the same working principle and application characteristics as general DC motors, and their composition is different. In addition to the motor itself, the former has one more commutation circuit, and the motor itself and the commutation circuit are closely combined. The motor of many small-power motors is itself integrated with the commutation circuit. From the appearance, the DC brushless motor is exactly the same as the DC motor. Features of Our Brushless Permanent magnet motor 1) Using high-intelligence software control, the controller's heat is minimized with the most superior algorithm and hardware design, so that the matching between the controller and the motor is optimized. (2) Using a powerful and intelligent microprocessor, the electrical speed is up to 80,000 rpm. (3) The high-capacity design and high-quality automotive-grade electronic components make the controller more reliable. (4) Strong anti-interference and anti-vibration performance. (5) The starting current is large and there is no jitter, so that the motor obtains a large starting torque. (6) During the whole operation of the motor, the vibration is small and the noise is small. (7) Multi-level overcurrent protection. (8) Stall protection, when the motor is blocked for a long time, the controller enters the stall protection to effectively prevent the motor and controller from being burnt. (9) Anti-flying function, the controller detects the accelerator pedal/turner or the flying phenomenon caused by the line fault in real time, which improves the safety of the system. Brushless Permanent magnet motor (10) Over temperature protection function. (11) Stepless speed regulation, the operating voltage is 1.2V~4.2V. (12) Brake power off function / brake energy feedback function. (13) The hub motor drive has an electronic differential function. (14) Three-speed control, forward, neutral, and reverse three, and the speed limit function is reversed. (15) The speed signal line mainly transmits the speed signal to the instrument panel in real time. (16) 485 communication / CAN bus communication function, can communicate with the host computer, or choose the company's vehicle controller product to achieve multiple motor drive control. (17) The brushless motor controller has a unique MAP calibration technology to provide customers with "customized" services. According to the parameters of your motor: inductance, internal resistance, voltage, speed, magnetic pole pairs, etc. system optimization and matching. Let your motor perform at its best, the motor runs more smoothly, with less heat, lower noise and higher efficiency. (18) Control the motor magnetic field according to the rotational speed to improve the motor starting low speed torque and speed regulation range. The motor of the Brushless Permanent magnet motor itself is an electromechanical energy conversion part, which has sensors in addition to the motor armature and the permanent magnet excitation. The motor itself is the core of the DC brushless motor. It is not only related to performance indicators, noise vibration, reliability and service life, but also involves manufacturing costs and product costs. Due to the use of permanent magnetic field, the Brushless Permanent magnet motor can be freed from the traditional design and structure of general DC motors, meet the requirements of various application markets, and develop towards the convenience of copper-saving materials and manufacturing. The development of permanent magnet magnetic field is closely related to the application of permanent magnet materials. The application of the third generation of permanent magnet materials has promoted the development of DC brushless motors in the direction of high efficiency, miniaturization and energy saving. For more details please email us at