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The Z4 series DC motor has greater advantages than the Z2 and Z3 series. It can be powered not only by the DC unit power supply, but also for the static rectification power supply. Moreover, the moment of inertia is small, has good dynamic performance, and can withstand high load change rate, and is especially suitable for a control system that requires smooth speed regulation, high efficiency, automatic steady speed, and responsiveness, and has the international advanced level. high torque dc motor z4 series Z4 series DC motor: The center height is 100-355mm, which is the standard series of small DC motors specified by the mechanical industry standard JB/T6316-92 "Z4 series DC motor technical conditions" of the People's Republic of China; the center height is 400-450mm, which is outside the standard series. Expand Z4 DC motor; center height is 500~710mm. Z4 series DC motors can be widely used in metallurgical industrial rolling mills, metal cutting machine tools, paper making, dyeing and weaving, printing, cement, plastic extrusion machinery and other industrial sectors. The motor's rating is continuous continuous rating. In areas where the altitude does not exceed 1000m and the ambient air temperature does not exceed 40°C, the motor can be rated for operation according to the data in the technical data sheet. This series of motors uses Class F insulation. high torque dc motor z4 series The power range of Z4 series DC motors ranges from 1.5kW to 840kW. There are nine kinds of rated speeds of 3000, 1500, 1000, 750, 600, 500, 400, 300, 200r/min. The excitation mode is separately excited and the excitation voltage is 180V. A motor with a rated voltage of 160V is usually operated with a reactor in the case of a single-phase bridge rectifier. The inductance value of the external reactor is indicated on the motor nameplate. Motors with a rated voltage of 440V do not require an external reactor. high torque dc motor z4 series The performance of Z4 series DC motor not only meets the national standard GB/T755 "Basic Technical Requirements for Rotating Electric Machine", but also basically conforms to the German VDE0530 standard. high torque dc motor z4 series Model meaning: Z4-280-11B, Z means DC motor, 4 means 4 series, 280 means motor center height (mm), the first one indicates the core length serial number, the second one indicates the front end cover number, and the 1 is the short end. Cover, 2 is the long end cover, B indicates the compensation winding. Note: For the Z4-112/2-1 model, the first digit after “/” represents the pole number, and the second digit represents the core length number. high torque dc motor z4 series Development: In 1983, Jiangsu Kelong DC Motor Co., Ltd. (formerly Baoying Motor Factory) undertook the task of digesting and absorbing the introduction of DC motor technology from AEG Company of Germany, and trial-produced and developed the domestic Z4 series DC motor products, which made the domestic popular Z4 DC motor. An important contribution. high torque dc motor z4 series. For more details please email us at