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Flat Top Tower Crane-Characteristics Flat top tower crane, its biggest characteristic is it has no tower top, and cancel the pull rod, the outrigger and tower body forms rigid joint, which strengthens the structural strength of big arm and balance arm. 1. Hoisting mechanism: Three speed motor or frequency control and big drum. 2. Slewing gear: frequency stepless governor, stable braking, the position is fast and accurate, operating performance is strong. 3. Jib lubbing mechanism: frequency stepless governor, small running impact and smooth operation. 4. Control system: PLC control, automatic diagnosis of electrical fault and give corresponding light and sound alarm. Key part adopts international brand. 5. Safety device: This flat top tower dopts advanced device to ensure the safe and convenient use. 6. Structure: It is with good comprehensive performance and reliability, and attractive appearance. Adopt many top design methods: mechanical-electrical integration design, CAD-computer aided design, optimization design and modular design, which make steel structure achieve better strength, rigidity and strong resistance to fatigue damage. Advantages are as follows: 1. The whole tower crane has small volume, it is easy to install, which saves transportation and warehousing costs; 2. Jib boom has better tolerance, the machine press the jib boom with same pressure, which causes small damage to structure and connection; 3. Part design is standardized, modularized and changeable, which reduces idle equipment and increases the investment returns. Meanwhile, jib boom of the flat-top tower crane can be dismantled in the air, so it is much more suitable for special construction project, such as, power industry cooling tower, cable-stayed bridge and some narrow and asperous place. Due to it has no tower top, when it works in a crowded site where has many tower cranes, this machine has better anti-interference performance than hammerhead tower cranes’ at the same level. Therefore, flat top crane is well suited to be used in such sites of high density, high efficiency and bad construction environment. Flat top tower crane advantages 1. Mast section of this tower crane has advantages of long service life and high safety. It has large rigidity, the buckling deformation is relatively small during the lifting. 2. Mast section of topless tower cranes has good applicability and high utilization. The design of topless cranes is convenient to achieve modulization, which can greatly lower cost of design and manufacturing, an it can give full play to the flexibility and adaptability of the boom. 3. It is fit for construction which has special requirement of height. The effective height of the hook is greatly improved, and the space utilization is high. For instance, reconstruction and expansion of airport, project near the airport, construction in tunnel, construction in workship, construction under high pressure line, which can’t achieved by traditional tower crane. 4. Suitable for construction site where there is a rang change. It is easy and safe for flat top tower crane to assemble and disassemble, during the construction, if it is necessary to change the length of the mast section, don’t need to disassemble the whole mast section, these actions can be realized in the air, which is very convenient. 5. It is convenient to remove the tower crane in limited construction sites. If teh construction conditions are restricted, crane truck can’t be close the site, flat top tower crane is ideal choice. Because it has unique mast section connection method. 6. It greatly reduces the requirement of lifting capacity of lifting equipment. Because topless tower cranes for sale canceled the tower top, it has small weight and low installation height, the biggest installation height can be 10m lower than the same class tower crane. The mast section of this type crane usually is 4m, 5m and 10m. Take 50m type for an example, its maximum unit mass is only about 1/5 of the total lifting arm, compared to integral hoisting, disassemble in the air of cantilever crane has lower requirement than former, which is not only save assemble and disassemble fee, but is more safe and faster. 7. It is much more suitable for group tower cross work. The overall installation time is less, it has low demand for installation equipment, reduce the weights of per flat top tower crane and adopt smaller tower section and underframe. 8. Low design costs. The calculation of the lifting arm is less, the mechanical model is simple, the calculation quantity is greatly reduced, and the design cycle is greatly reduced. Operation instruction of flat-top crane 1. Before use, shoul ensure the each metal structural part and appearance are in good condition, when the machine is no-load operation, the voice is normal, heavy-duty test braking is reliable, all safety limits and protective devices are in good conditions, action is quick and reliable, then can operate the machine. 2. When operates all controllers, should be in strict accordance with the intructions in turns. When change the operation direction, should return the handle to zero, when the engine stops work, then begins reversing operation, snap open and stop is not allowed. 3. When flat top tower cranes are working, if there is any abnormality of the machine, should stop at once to check, then begin the machine till the fault is excluded. 4. It is forbidden that take appointment with certificates and operate after drinking. It is strictly prohibited to use the travel switch to replace the parking operation. It is strictly prohibited to operate and leave the job or hand over the machine to others. 5. When ship and load heavy weights, should leave the ground at a certain distance, start to operate till check the braking system and keep it normal. 6. There are ten conditions can’t use the flat-top tower cranes: a. Tilting hanging; b. overload; c. The bulk is too full or ; d. Strapping is loose; e. It is strictly forbidden to stand on the hanger; f. Command signal is unknown; g. Components are buried under the ground; h. Circumventing of safety device; i. The light is dim, and when it is easy to cause accident; j. There is strong wind above six levels. Flat top tower crane manufacturers It is very essential to choose a right manufacturer, it means, if you find a professional tower crane supplier, you will get a reasonable flat top tower crane price. 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