Wall Travelling Jib Crane | Cranes

Wall travelling jib cranes provide long lateral movement of materials without taking up floor space or interfering with large overhead cranes. Wall travelling jib cranes can serve for several work stations that lined up at the same time with the capacities up to 5 tons and arm length up to 10 m. The runway length has no limitation. It can cover as much area as your need and what you required to do is to stretch the runway length by a little investment. As wall travelling jib cranes suppliers, we can help you choose the most suitable cranes according your working conditions. On many situations, it undoubted will be the most cost-effective. Overall plant productivity can be increased by quickly handling smaller lifts. The operation is easy, accurate, swift and efficient. We can also provide custom engineered solutions that are specifically designed to meet your production needs and building specifications. pic Unrivalled Service We Provided · The experienced engineers can give your the best advice to help your choose the most suitable and most economical wall travelling jib cranes according the requirements of your working. Perfect performing is resulted from proper crane selection. · Our factory offers a complete set of services from providing advice and guidance, providing accessories to maintenance. We can even send our experienced engineers to install the wall travelling jib cranes for you. The engineers will not leave until the installed machine is perfect inspected and you are satisfied. · Sometimes, the crane your own is just not as efficient as you need. In this situation, what you need is not a completely new crane, but just upgrade it. Our engineers can put forward a upgrade scheme according the statement of your crane and the specification of your working. We can upgrade not only cranes from our factory but also other system cranes. · We are not only a specialist in the manufacturing of complete machine. The ability of producing crane spare parts is also very strong. This eliminate the possibility of machine broken without replacing parts. We believe that the crane accessories are essential in maintenance , upgrading the machine. In this way, the investment for crane can be reduced. For more details please email us at