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Free standing jib cranes are designed to stand on the land not by any other support but by themselves. It consists of a pivoting vertical column and a horizontal load supporting boom.We rely on not low jib cranes price but the high quality of free standing jib cranes to win to achieve the growing of our company. pic Compared with wall mounted and wall travelling jib crane, free standing jib cranes can reach to the higher capacities, longer spans and greater rotation range. Because of the favorable structure, this kind jib crane can be custom-modified to meet the requirement of your special applications.The only restriction of installation is that pressure of the soil free standing jib crane founded on must be up to 2500 lbs per square foot. Basic Parameter It is a kind of middle and small lifting and equipment developed recently and very suitable for short distance moving and workplace of crowed lift and transportations. · crane Rotation: 360 degreez · arm length: up to 16 m · rotating speed: 0.5 r/min · safe working load: up to 16 tons · hoisting heights: up to 12 (floor to underside of boom) · working Tempr: -20~+40℃ · travelling speed: 20 or 30 m/min · control model: pendant handle, remote and cabin · applications: widely used in all kinds of industry · power: AC 380V, 50HZ, 3P Note: Users can also select double speed, single speed chain and wire rope hoist Main Features · Maximum versatility It is one of the most versatile cranes. Free standing jib cranes almost can be installed anywhere, either indoor or outdoor, such as loading docks, harbors, shipyard and so on. It also can work together with other jib cranes or work as a complement in factory assembly lines. The installation and relocation of free standing jib cranes are very simple without disassembling. · Ease of operation The cranes from our factory allow operator to control the movement precisely, efficiently and swiftly. With the advanced technology, we can make jib crane movement very simple and accurate. So the unintentional movements will be minimized. In return, the damage to your factory, equipments even to your personnel will sharply reduced. The working life of the crane can get added reassurance and will be prolonged. · Safety We always keep safety in our mind!!! We adopt an emergency stop system to strength safety. When the operation staff encounter some emergency situation, the emergency brake system will start to protect the related treasure. Every production from our factory has been well tested before we transmit to your workplace. And if you are unable to complete the installation independently, our experienced worker will not leave your workplace until the crane has been inspected for 100 percent guarantee. For more details please email us at