LB Explosion Proof Electric Single Girder Bridge Crane | Crane

LB type crane is explosion-proof version,equipped with explosion-proof electric hoists. a small light rail crane, the application of the weight of 1-16T, for the span of 7.5-22.5 meters, working class is A3-A5, the working environment temperature in the temperature range of -25-+40. LB explosion proof electric single girder crane is a general use crane, which is mostly used in machinery manufacturing, assembly, warehouse and other places with low frequency of use or less hoisting times of rated lifting weight. Advantages: the order period is short and the cost is economical. The disadvantages are: the effective lifting height is relatively low, the swaying in use is relatively large, the working level is low, and it is not suitable for heavy workshops. The crane has three kinds of manipulation forms, such as bottom surface, control room and remote control. The control room has two forms of end and side opening for users to choose. LB (LBD) explosion-proof electric single girder crane has the characteristics of reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, strong explosion. The whole machine is equipped with HB (BCD) and HBS (BMD) type explosion-proof electric hoist. The weight is 1-10 tons, the span is 7.5-22.5 meters, the working level is A3-A5, and the working environment is -25 C, ~+40 ~+40. This product is widely used in factories, warehouses, chemical unit yard, with the ground and the cab driver in two forms, the room is divided into open and closed two, installed in the form of entry into the left and right direction, side and front, for users to choose according to their use. This product is suitable for use in flammable and explosive environment. Explosion-proof grade dIIBT4 This product has two operating forms of ground and operating room. There are two kinds of control rooms: open and closed. According to the actual situation, they can be divided into two forms: left or right side. There are two kinds of side entry and end faces, so as to meet users' needs under different needs.For more details please email us at